isla tres exotica!

The serialised masterwork of acclaimed novelist E.B. Valkyrie. An independently wealthy self-published auteur, Valkyrie's portfolio contains such luminary works as The Futuristic Adventures of the Hon. Sir Archibald Spaceman, the highly personal Experimentations, and the provocative travelogue Lucky Foreign Devils. But nothing could eclipse his first foray onto the stage of speculative fiction, and earned him worldwide renown as a pioneer of the form. Thought lost for decades, a folio of Valkyrie's original manuscripts was uncovered during the restoration of a family summer house in Kent that was being rushed onto the market to clear some accrued gambling debt. Using these original hand-written notes alongside the two existing Anthologies of Valkyrie's work, both heavily edited, we have painstakingly reassembled the magic and adventure of E.B. Valkyrie's Isla Tres Exotica!